The success of Elva is a result of our passion for electric outboards. However, the last couple of years we made the decision to expanded our offerings with inboard e-motors. At present we offer a wide range of e-motors.

Whatever the situation: be it a single replacement for an existing motor or complete sets, we can provide a solution in for all needs. We develop all of our systems in-house with the purpose of use by professionals as well as consumers.

Our systems are compact, silent, plug and play and can be installed and operated by virtually anyone.

Why an Elva motor?


Our e-motors are really silent! Enjoy serenity and tranquility while cruising on the water.

Save money

Through continued application of the latest technology, we ensure reliability, longevity and cost reduction.


Reduce your carbon footprint with a hand-built and optimised Elva e-motor.

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