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Why go electric?

There's a steady uptrend in interest in electric outboards.
The advantages of this form of propulsion, like: zero carbon emissions and very low noise levels provide environmentally friendly benefits and less disturbance of man and nature alike.
These are also reasons why regulatory bodies are increasingly expanding the number of recreational areas where the public can only use electric propulsion when boating.

An e-outboard is reliable and needs only low levels of maintenance compared to fuel based outboards. Another fact is that charging batteries is a lot cheaper than fueling your tank. This type of motor is thus an interesting option economic option in addition to the other benefits.

What we're all about

An Elva motor stands for longevity, efficiency and is environmentally friendly. We continuously work on optimalisation of our e-motors. In addition, we regularly develop new products for electric sailing. Check out our configurator for instant advise.

Why an Elva motor?


Our e-motors are really silent! Enjoy serenity and tranquility while cruising on the water.

Save money

Through continued application of the latest technology, we ensure reliability, longevity and cost reduction.


Reduce your carbon footprint with a hand-built and optimised Elva e-motor.


Are you considering switching to electric but don't want to bother with installing an electric system?
Or simply don't know how to go about doing it?
No problem! We gladly take that task upon us!

Our e-motors

By implementing the latest technology we have made our e-motors robust, reliable and easy to use. Our e-motors are suitable for professionals like boat rental companies aswell as consumers: our e-motors are delivered ready to use, so all you have to do is enjoy.

Inboard e-motors

Powerful and low-maintenance.

Outboard e-motors

Robust, reliable and ultra-silent.

POD e-motors

Compact POD motors: reliable and economical.

Elva 900 POD electric boat motor

Replacement Parts

From battery to cable, bolt to bearing: it's all on our online store!

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